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that Yearly Paper Work for Housing

….arrived in the mail today, may have been in my box longer then that. Anyone who lives in government housing knows this is about the time when you lease for the coming year goes through re-certification to qualify you for your housing.

This is only the first set of paper work I have to deal with. The apartment management has their own set of paper work ( almost Identical)…And all those questions.

My income is just the low $700 plus so yes I get the subsides and as for my age, and disabilities I am not expected to work per say. Now what really gets me is the fact that the COLA (increase in ss money) doesn’t come out until late December. So the actual rent I will (or should) be paying in 2021 won’t actually be what I end up paying. If that makes sense!

Government Housing wants the paper work in by end of this month, and I won’t even start the paper work with the Apartment management until late Oct or mid November. Then there are all the (same mind you) inspections…but by two or more of the agencies and HUD. Not to forget the one from the apartment company.

Everyone has different time tables on renewing the lease. My timing was getting in here in the month of January (going on 4 years ago)

Now this time around, things are going to be hectic due to my being part of the voting machine, classes, working, as well as the committee meetings going on.

Anyone else out there living on just SS and in government housing ?