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with what has come out in the REAL news (msm won’t report) there are some real hard hitting questions Mr B needs to answer. All are facts of past deeds, he just need to acknowledge them.


  1. Why did members of your family keep getting lucrative business opportunities overseas while you were vice president?
  2. How did your brother, Frank, secure $45,000,000 in taxpayer loans from the Obama administration for his Caribbean projects?
  3. How did a newly-minted firm employing your other brother, James, receive a $1.5 billion contract to build homes in Iraq despite having no experience in construction or international development?
  4. Why did your son Hunter accompany you on your official trip to Beijing in December 2013? What did he do on that trip? Who did he meet with? What should the American public make of the fact that just 10 days after this trip, your son’s boutique private equity firm secured a $1 billion investment deal from the state-owned bank of China (later expanded to $1.5 billion) despite having no prior experience in China, and with this deal, the Chinese government granted your son’s firm a first-of-its-kind arrangement to operate in the the recently formed Shanghai Free-Trade Zone—a perk not granted to any of the large established financial institutions?
  5. Should the American public be concerned that your son’s private equity firm partnered with a Chinese government-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate to facilitate the purchase of an American company that produced strategically sensitive dual-use military technology that the Chinese government wanted?
  6. Does your “Build Back Better” proposal contain any provisions to ensure that American taxpayer-funded technology is not bought off by Chinese state-backed enterprises working with private equity firms like your son’s?
  7. Back in 2000, you voted in favor of giving permanent Normal Trade Relations (NTR) to China. At the time, you said that this would not lead to “the collapse of the American manufacturing economy” because China is “about the size of the Netherlands” and could not possibly become “our major economic competitor.” Furthermore, you predicted that free trade with China would establish “a path toward ever greater political and economic freedom” for the people of China. Do you still stand by these statements today after 3.4 million American jobs have been lost to China and millions of China’s citizens have been imprisoned, surveilled, disappeared, and used as slave labor by an increasingly authoritarian regime enriched by 20 years of record trade imbalances from flagrant trade violations?
  8. The People’s Republic of China has a bold plan called “Made in China 2025” to dominate the key technologies of the future in order to overtake the United States militarily and economically. Do you still contend that China is “not competition for us”?
  9. Why did you promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to financial special interest groups when research was clear that the deal would make it easier for corporations to move U.S. jobs overseas?
  10. Do you believe Xi Jinping kept his promise to Barack Obama to end cyber-espionage against the United States? If not, what are you prepared to do about it?
  11. Do you accept that the coronavirus originated in China? Do you think China was honest with the world in its handling of the coronavirus? Are you satisfied with China’s explanations for how it spread? Do you believe their claims about the number of cases and fatalities in China?
  12. Do you think China should be held responsible in any way for its handling of the coronavirus? If not, why not? What, if any, repercussions should there be for China in its handling of the coronavirus?
  13. Did you suggest investigating Michael Flynn under the Logan Act, as Peter Strzok’s notes suggest?
  14. You said in your DNC acceptance speech that America is ready to “do the hard work of rooting out our systemic racism.” What did you do in your 36 years as a U.S senator and 8 years as vice president to root out systemic racism? Why didn’t it work?
  15. You have called for “revolutionary institutional changes.” What does that mean in practice?
  16. You have vowed to rescind the Trump tax cuts. Can you think of a single example of a country that recovered from a recession by raising taxes?

I am SOOOO proud of myself

Always waiting till the last moment to take the online courses and assessments for being a Poll Worker. Putting off things is a flaw of mine.

Still have to take the Hands on class coming up in two days ~ see I put things off to the last moments!

There were four sections, the first took 40 minutes to watch and then a 20 question test. I passed with 100% correct. Usually get one or two wrong. And I got 100% on all 4 sections.

Not on to the Hands on class on Thurs. Guess it is just a refresher course! Also will have a hands on class come mid Oct for the Early voting. They tell me there are some differences for this process.

There was also a section in the courses for this…All common sense

and Life Goes On…

With the September month heading out to a cooler October, I am anticipating lots of activity here for me.

Got, filled out, and turned back in my annual paperwork for my Housing with the county housing authority. I only see this case worker (let alone talk with them in person) once a year. Not allowing appointments for ongoing clients (been one now going on 4 years). Don’t trust the mail to get this paperwork in on time, so hand delivered it myself. But with the receptionist locked away in the entry room to the offices, I had to talk to her through the mail slot and then was instructed to put my paper work in the other mail slot to the left for paperwork. It slides down into some box. This mask BS really makes for interactions a hardship. I still prefer face to face with my case worker ….it is only once a year!!

And STILL have to do the same with my lease here at the apartment community shortly. Housing is dealing with my subsides and the apartment is the lease. Paper work is almost Identical….just different names of the companies. (EDITED: paperwork was waiting for me once I got back from the housing office…got questions, but of course they will have to wait till Monday ~ it’s all in the timing.

JUST a Reminder~ Florida has early voting coming up. With my experience as a precinct poll worker, I am trying my hand at working the EARLY VOTING. this will start late Oct / 2020 The MAIL IN BALLOTS go out , or did go out yesterday. I expect mine this weekend or early next week.

Till then, Remember to register to vote…AND GO VOTE

the Ballot itself and some FYI

Yes this is my mail in ballot from last march. And to let you know off the bat, there is NO SUCH PARTY ID LETTERS on our Florida secret envelope

Here is a video on why a mail in ballot may not get counted….Read the instructions on your ballot! Do this way / Not that way

Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country, scroll down and click your state.

NOW AS FOR using electronic voting. Here’s why it CAN’T be done.

Mail In Ballots ~ and how your vote is Counted

This is what was read to the group who volunteer. Becoming part of the team who opens the Mail In Ballots is easy. Go to your local county Election Board website and sign up to become a precinct worker…you can get information while there to email or call about being on these teams. Those in Sarasota County, Florida can get information here

I add this so to be covering my own self when doing this and any other post I may write in the near future.

Statue 101.5614 is where you can read all about Florida’s Election Law.

“Any supervisor of elections, deputy supervisor of elections, canvassing board member, election board member, or election employee who releases the results of any election prior to the closing of the polls in that county on election day commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in sec. 775.082, sec. 775.083, or sec. 775.084.”

I had the opportunity to work with the Election Board here in Sarasota, Fla.  It was a truly educational and informative experience.

I give my upmost respect to the fine people I had the pleasure to work with.







and Ron Turner (Supervisor of Elections) and all the others I came encountered during my time there.

CHAPTER 101VOTING METHODS AND PROCEDURE    Once the Mail In Ballots were starting to arrive in at my local Election Office teams of two are brought in to help the regular staff with the process of getting ready to open the Mail In Ballots. 

Step ONE~ ballots AREN’T opened at this point just yet.  Signatures are checked 

Step TWO~ ballots are then separated by PARTY, then each party group is separated by PRECINCT.  There are also groups of those ballots that have different FL addresses (outside the Sarasota County)  as well as those coming from out of State. 

Step THREE ~ This is when the the Ballot become what is called LIVE once they are run through a machine (which is VERY loud ) which will slice open the Certificate Envelope. 

Step FOUR~OPENING TEAM *Bundles of these OPEN Certificates are Place on tables where there is a team of two People (All Live ballots are in the company of two person teams at all times, when out in open ) *Each team will then divide the bundle between them and start pulling the Ballots out of the Certificate Envelopes making a total of three (3) piles . *All ballots are in center with each person making their own pile of Certificate envelopes. *Once each member of the team has pulled the ballots, then all the empty envelopes are gathered together and set to one side. *The actual ballots are then unfolded and placed in a pile facing up, all in same direction. *Any security sleeves are then discarded in a special bin under the table. *At this point, one member of the team will count the envelopes, the other will count the ballots.  Both should have the same number to match the other.  If this number doesn’t match, the team will switch piles and recount……..all in all, the count is more so right with no problem. There are usually about Ten (10) or Twelve (12) two member teams working.  Election Board Staff is also present to help, along with the Commissioner of Election sitting in the back of the room….by law has to be in the room when there are LIVE BALLOTS present.

Step FIVE ~ Now that ballots have been open and separated. Where do the ballots go from there. *THEY AREN’T LEFT OUT IN THE OPEN ALONE. All LIVE  ballots are always secured and in the company of two people at all time while being moved or transported from department to department. Ballots are stored in cages on wheels AND LOCKED until they are placed in what ever step they are at. This step is where the ballots are place through a counting machine, which I must add….is a high speed.  I had the opportunity to work with this department ( Do believe it is called the “IT” room) Very high tech, checking that the ballots are complete and properly filled out. Now I need to remind you of the earlier item I spoke of in this post. Where all ballots (before they are open) are placed in piles of party affiliations.  This means your Ballot is always with the same group and not mingled with as different party.  The process so far has been like several times of CHECKS and BALANCES…. Ballots are counted after the polls are closed (7pm) on the night of any election.

Step Six~ This is where those ballots in step 5 were declined by the machine (for a better word)…This is where a canvassing board will go through EACH and EVERY  declined ballot. (one at a time! There will be a sticky note on each of these ballots with instructions for the teams that will get them next. 

Step Seven~ these spoiled ballots will be DUPLICATED with the help of , again a two member teams. The new (duplicate ) ballots are then placed through the STEP SIX. As for the SPOILED ballot, they are placed in another sealed envelope to be kept by the the board of Elections as per law.

Again, for a better informed voter, try being a precinct worker. Check your county election board for more info. Any county in Florida can find their website by going to this spreadsheet I made up a few years ago. Find your Florida county and click. Example ~ I live in Sarasota Florida so this is where I would go to find that information Sarasotavotes.org

BYW: it is a paying gig!!!!

DID YOU KNOW just an opinionated piece on VOTING

Your Vote Only Counts if you take time to give the process your FULL ATTENTION! You may or may not agree with me….but this is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. It is given the up most care when handled, has Laws in place to PROTECT it!

While working with the election board here in Sarasota, I have witness the worst form of disrespect. From Coffee stains to scribbles and notes written on the actual ballot itself. Some have even been so crumbled up, the machines can’t handle them and spit the paper ballots out….this causes some undue delays in the process of your vote. Your vote will be counted, it will just take a few more steps.

We only have about a week or so until the  ballots will be mailed beginning Sept 24, 2020 here in Florida. Yes I get the mail in ballot only because I ended up working at another precinct that election. BUT I Didn’t Mail it in, I took it to the Election Office myself. I don’t trust the mail to move with something so important.

Here are the requirements to remember the day of election so you don’t have to go back to your car to get it. You, by law have to have a SIGNATURE and VALID PHOTO. And anyone who tries telling you that you don’t have to have ID or signature when doing the Mail In Ballots is 100% WRONG. Why? Well you have to have a valid up to date SIGNATURE AND PHOTO in the Election Office.

It is up to YOU to make sure you are Registered and have your signature with some photo ID at the Election office. There was one young person who came in to vote last march and couldn’t …He just figured because he turned 18 that it was automatic..IT IS NOT!!! If you move, within the county or state (even out of state) it is your responsibility to inform the election board of the move. Ladies, you usually will change your info on Social Security when you marry (in my case when I divorced and got my maiden name back)…same goes with the Election office. And the Selective Services aren’t automatic gentlemen!!

The following pictures is of my voters card. This isn’t asked or even used as ID. But the second photo has the info you really need to pay attention to if you want (and should ) know who is representing you. The top photo is the info of the precinct I will vote at.

I have been working as a Poll Worker since the 2016 election. I had the positions of Deputy (door person), Inspector (the one who checks you in and gives you your ballot), and the March 2020 I was the assistant Clerk. Last August I was one of the inspectors at my own precinct.

The counties do need the poll workers due to this pandemic due to many of the elderly who make up most of the workers force. Try it once, it can be an eye opener and very educational. Do you live in Florida, check here for the local county office near you!

Rights/Responsibility of Voters

VOTER’S BILL OF RIGHTS 101.031 Instructions for electors.—

Each registered voter in this state has the right to:

1. Vote and have his or her vote accurately counted.

2. Cast a vote if he or she is in line at the official closing of the polls in that county.

3. Ask for and receive assistance in voting.

4. Receive up to two replacement ballots if he or she makes a mistake prior to the ballot being cast.

5. An explanation if his or her registration or identity is in question.

6. If his or her registration or identity is in question, cast a provisional ballot.

7. Written instructions to use when voting, and, upon request, oral instructions in voting from elections officers.

8. Vote free from coercion or intimidation by elections officers or any other person.

9. Vote on a voting system that is in working condition and that will allow votes to be accurately cast.


Each registered voter in this state should:

1. Familiarize himself or herself with the candidates and issues.

2. Maintain with the office of the supervisor of elections a current address.

3. Know the location of his or her polling place and its hours of operation.

4. Bring proper identification to the polling station.

5. Familiarize himself or herself with the operation of the voting equipment in his or her precinct.

6. Treat precinct workers with courtesy.

7. Respect the privacy of other voters.

8. Report any problems or violations of election laws to the supervisor of elections.

9. Ask questions, if needed.

10. Make sure that his or her completed ballot is correct before leaving the polling station.

NOTE TO VOTER: Failure to perform any of these responsibilities does not prohibit a voter from voting. (3) Nothing in this section shall give rise to a legal cause of action. (4) In case any elector, after entering the voting booth, shall ask for further instructions concerning the manner of voting, two election officers who are not both members of the same political party, if present, or, if not, two election officers who are members of the same political party, shall give such instructions to such elector, but no officer or person assisting an elector shall in any manner request, suggest, or seek to persuade or induce any elector to vote for or against any particular ticket, candidate, amendment, question, or proposition. After giving the elector instructions and before the elector has voted, the officers or persons assisting the elector shall retire, and such elector shall vote in secret.