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The Friday Four # 3

am 66 going on 67 first part of 2021, just thankful to be alive (STILL). Don’t think of turning back the clock. Improving as time goes forward. I am doing much more now than I have in years (or decades ) gone by.

Not tats for me, don’t care for the pain I have seen of others who have.

As for Halloween, no longer celebrate it. This is my remembrance of mom’s Birthday. And as for those scary movies….most are just remakes in a different light (so to speak)

Keep it alive

Rory is the host of Friday Four

** “Age is just a number…” – Okay – do you believe this and if so, what number is it, and more importantly what number are you?

There are two ways we age;

Physically and


My physical age is 58, going on to 59. My body and it’s parts are that age and there is absolutely no use denying that. I have to look after my body considering its age and use it accordingly. Eating and exercising keeping in mind my age is very important.

As to my mental age, it all depends on how I think. If I think I’m old, I’ll feel old. If I think I’m young yet, I’ll feel accordingly. The verve and will to enjoy life, to learn new things, and being open to change are the things that keep us young. Being fixed in our way…

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