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ETSY STORE ~ self plug

My STORE is now up and running. Am uploading loads of pictures as fast as money and time allow.

With so many of the photos I have from over the years, from Taxi driving days to everyday stuff….

Esty isn’t that hard to set up. The fact you pay a small .20cents for each upload isn’t all that bad. In my case as low (fixed) income I can’t just up load a lot at one time. I know now my account is charged on the 3rd of the month so the budgeting can be usefull.

Do check the site out and let me know what you think of it so far.

Thanks 🙂

Gone and Done It AND need help

What you ask did I do now! Well I now have my Amazon Affiliate and Associate accounts.

Just set up and Etsy Shop HERE This is basically to sell my photos on line. Little bit always helps..

Still having a bit of a problem getting the code on here for my link on Amazon. Not sure where it goes or how to paste it as a link. This is so confusing

Saw a blog on my reader with the Affiliate links on a Page by themselves….How is that done?

Don’t have stuff to sell on Amazon, but know you can sell with a special link to you so you can. Again, not sure how this is done.