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365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/22/2020

September 22

Practice makes perfect
Tell us about a talent you’d love to have…but don’t



Don’t care for my voice, the squeaky high pitch. Was a member of a church youth choir and would belt out the words . Was told I had rhythm, moving with the beat. This was also the same time I had major surgery (twice) on both my ears to repair the eardrums.

I have heard my voice on a recording device and don’t like it. This is one major flaw I am dealing with as to starting a You Tube channel. My voice is more like a nasal tone.

oh well……………………………….

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/21/2020

September 21

We can be taught!
What makes a teacher great?


Yes we can be taught. I’ve had bad ones and the Good ones .

My 4th grade teacher , small and short. Some of the students were actually taller than she was. She gave me the love of books. Every afternoon after lunch, she would read a chapter or two of “Little House” books. The whole year was knowing about Laura Ingalls and her family…we got through the entire series of books

Then in 6th grade, this wonderful women got me out of my shell. I had just had open heart surgery a year earlier. She got me on the stage where the class acted out a short skit for everyone, I played the mom.

7th and 8th grades in Junior (not middle) High School started the love of music, playing the 3rd and 2nd chair in the woodwind section. On to high school, I played in the Marching Band.

High School, nothing there due to moving so much….it was a blur. Now College in my 30 and 40’s….Business classes with MR Davis as the dept. lead He made learning easy by intertwining real life with the classes. Hard to explain. There was also My Accounting teacher. Hated math to begin with, but he was very patient with all of us. Granted most of the students were old enough to be his parent/grandparent!!

So I go with the saying OLD DOGS CAN LEARN new tricks.

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/20/2020

September 20

No fair
Tell us about something you think is terribly unfair — and
explain how you would rectify it.


This one is a bit of a mind thinking. Don’t really think of anything being unfair.

So not much to write about…something may come to mind at another time I suppose.

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/19/2020

September 19

Are you being served?
What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve
ever had as a customer


The most WONDERFUL experience I had was last year. Had the opportunity to go visit my son and his family in GERMANY. Never had a Pass Port in my life. Last time I went to another country was over into Tijuana Mexico in the mid 1970’s….just had to show your ID.

My Pass Port only took about 3 weeks to get. I am living where you can do all that (paper work, photo, fingerprints, etc) here in downtown Sarasota. Once I got the Pass Port back in the mail, just had to photo copy back to my son who then got the travel arrangements set up for me.

Flew out of our downtown airport , heading towards Charlotte NC to transfer to the Oversea flight. Once I landed in NC I was given the top notch service of a wheelchair attendant who got me to the right gate in just under 5 min. Yes they were fast, it would have taken me over an hour to walk to the gate (all up hill) or worst yet, could and would have gotten loss.

Once they started checking in for the 9 hour flight, I was given an upgrade (at the time didn’t know what or why ~didn’t ask!) I was told I would be the last to board and taken to my seat with help. Up grade was from the back of the plane to middle at the entry doors (and bathrooms)

I was so excited and tired I slept most of the 9 hours. Woke when the food carts came by (which was almost every 2hrs) Got interested with the TV screen in front of me…You know the outside temps got to -90 (MINUS now) way up there where we were flying over some body of water.

I was thankful the ticket counter girl in Sarasota placed the wheel chair service for me on the whole trip..had one waiting when I got off the plane in Germany. And an added thing was THOSE USING WHEELCHAIRS were the first to get off. We were taken to small transports heading to the customs area. This was when I discovered the plane was NO WHERE NEAR the airport building.

Have heard the horror stories of CUSTOMS but didn’t have any problem there. Got through and with help of the attendant who was still with me, got my one bag (of course was the last to come up the luggage belt.)

Once I got through the official doors into Germany, this is where one of the DREADFUL things happen. I am ALONE in some Foreign country, English speaking only, and my son hadn’t arrive. My Cell phone wasn’t programmed to call him. But was alone for long. Met my new Grand~SON moments later

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/18/2020

September 18

Naked, with black socks
Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of
public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom?


This one is funny, I can laugh over it now in my old age. But growing up with a squeaky, nasal, high pitch voice was excursionist. And on top of that, I had a slight lisp. My “S” sounds didn’t come out right and I would get teased relentlessly.

There were times as a young adult when answering those calls that came at dinner time, I would be asked “Can I talk with one of your Parents”. Or they would ask “Can I speak to your Mother (inserting the -sweetie-)!!!

Now days we have the BLOCKING mode on the ever present cell phones. I haven’t really thought much to the public speaking. Never was on any Debate team, hated doing Oral reports in School. Oh did get on stage for Drama class (but that was giving me the ability to NOT BE MYSELF)

I have been looking into and thinking of starting a You Tube channel…some day, my voice isn’t the only endurance

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/17/2020

September 17

The cat says meow
Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an
object, thing, animal, or another person.


Oh here she comes again, emptying my insides onto the table. Be rough as if she has so many others to do as well. Not dealing with details of the contents. Time is the pressure with the need being great to finish the days influx of us like minded.

The ones here early are getting the once over, placed into piles. She looks to see we are facing up and on our backs. All in the same standard positioning. Then once the surgery has been performed, we get the shuffling into teams of 10 to be counted and sinc with that of the count of our insides.

Once that number agrees with each other, we all get bundled together for a good scanning. Our insides never to be seen again.


Bet this item is glad they only go through this process every 2 or 4 years. Mail in ballots are processed in a way according to our election laws.

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/16/2020

September 16

Super sensitive
If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

Do believe I already have done that in part…am legally deaf (tho wear hearing aids)…lost the hearing …but developed the smell sense in high definition .

These have been short and sweet, but still coming your way. Off the wall….

365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/15/2020

September 15
Sorry, I’m busy
Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t.

Ummm could it be that homeless person sitting on the sidewalk on main street. Or that young mother with more kids than she had hands to handle them all.

Yes it sounds harsh, but then when isn’t life harsh sometimes. Been homeless myself, but have NEVER sat on the walk way or bench looking the part, with some small cardboard sign scrawled with a note of help me….

Ever now and then, a blue moon moment I will hand a dollar or two down to the person sitting there. Yes, I many know of him since my own homeless days. You get to know who are the ones who truly need that dollar or two and those who would up and head for a fix, or booze.

The young mother, that was me once. Had three young ones (two still in diapers) having just moved cross country (Calif to SC ~ the nomads life) The father of these three was sent overseas by the military. Thinking it would be best for his young family to be where his mother and siblings were….

What should I have done … more research on the homeless situation and not go into it blindly. I learned over the next 20 years just how to NOT LOOK homeless.

As for the young mother, I wish I had more of a backbone and stayed in Calif (with my own family) until the husband came back.

365 Days of Writing Prompts


September 14
Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do
a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the
image brings to mind.

My word is PELLETS

Pellets come in all sizes, colors, textures, and designs. Ammo is round, or pointed. Wood pellets for starting fires at a camp site. There are also pellets used in food form for pets/animals. Bunnies and Ferrets come to mind.

Now lets see if I can keep this up.