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The Friday Four # 3

am 66 going on 67 first part of 2021, just thankful to be alive (STILL). Don’t think of turning back the clock. Improving as time goes forward. I am doing much more now than I have in years (or decades ) gone by.

Not tats for me, don’t care for the pain I have seen of others who have.

As for Halloween, no longer celebrate it. This is my remembrance of mom’s Birthday. And as for those scary movies….most are just remakes in a different light (so to speak)

Keep it alive

Rory is the host of Friday Four

** “Age is just a number…” – Okay – do you believe this and if so, what number is it, and more importantly what number are you?

There are two ways we age;

Physically and


My physical age is 58, going on to 59. My body and it’s parts are that age and there is absolutely no use denying that. I have to look after my body considering its age and use it accordingly. Eating and exercising keeping in mind my age is very important.

As to my mental age, it all depends on how I think. If I think I’m old, I’ll feel old. If I think I’m young yet, I’ll feel accordingly. The verve and will to enjoy life, to learn new things, and being open to change are the things that keep us young. Being fixed in our way…

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Seven (7) Rules of Life

….my take after reading this informative blog post. Sorry Raising Star, but this post took some actual deep diving into to answer back.

LET IT GO Not sure what I have to let go. Been married twice and divorced as many. Let those old relationships go …..along with the baggage . Just moved along.

Ignore what others may think of you Well this is an easy one. Never Gave a Flip what anyone thought of me. Get to know me and you will know the real true me.

Take time to heal Does anyone really heal. I have so many outside scars showing and countless ones mentally to still work through.

Stop Comparing Sure I would love to have what you have, the money , property, material things. But why? If I want what you have, it may take longer but I will get what I Want.

Remain Calm…it’s not that I don’t care, just go with the flow.

Depend on yourself always have said….Me Myself and I

Show those pearly whites (smile) ~ only in my case, it’s a toothless grin!

Then came the link of SELF CARE and 10 Habits from Forbes. Still working on the *KNOWING YOUR WORTH like working on making more time for myself. I try to get out of the apartment more often, if just to ride the bus up to the local market and back. Learning to say “NO” is still hard to do. I like to help, just being to helpful sometimes for my own good. I DON’T JUST EXSIT I AM NOW LIVING Was only there for everyone else. Now the kids a grown and on their own I find I have the free time I always wanted…but now not sure of how to deal with. *HAVING BETTER HEALTH such as eating healthier and staying away from the Emotional Eating. Not sure what that really means….I am always snacking…fruits mostly, like grapes…I can pop those suckers non stop!!

GRADITUDE is what we all need to have more of. I am so thankful for ~ My Life (with the grace of GOD), My Health, it is better than it was 20 years ago, and on that, I am very grateful for the youngest child who with the Almighty guiding of the LORD, got me to the hospital that fateful day. I thank God EVERY day for another day he gives me.

September Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

Florida has the BAKER ACT   


Spread Love & Not Hate

I have said it before, but I will say it again, life is anything but easy. Currently, we are under trying times and it has been painfully difficult for many months now. NO, COVID-19 has not gone away or anywhere close to it as the president claimed it would. With times being extremely difficult for every single person around the world, I think it is very important to bring some attention to something heartbreaking for many people. September is “Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month”

Suicide is not something that is discussed often because many people do not what they can or should say. Unfortunately, this is something that will impact families and friends long after the tragic loss of their loved ones. Those that are left behind will have to go through the rest of their lives wondering what they could have done differently…

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Mumbles … Television

WoW how the Television has impacted our world. First set I remember was after mom remarried and there was this big COLOR console in the living room. Had a AM/FM radio on one side and a Record Turntable on the other. Didn’t have any “clicker” remote at this point. Sat down as a family watching shows like “Wonderful World of Disney”, ” Andy Williams”, “Gun Smoke”, and the “Pondarosa” with the Cartwright family. Of course we had the “American Bandstand” and “Dark Shadows”

Only one TV was in the Living / Family Room until I got out on my own at 19 years old.

Had the Cable, CUT the cord almost a year ago and bought the Air Ananta. No network TV, just the old westerns and movies. Spend my time on the free streaming apps and You Tube now a days

Leigha Robbins

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The prompt I am writing for is a week old… OMG, how did I get so far behind!?  Please forgive me.  This new medicine routine I am on is really kicking my but.  Plus I have added pool therapy twice a week I need to make time for.  If I could just have a couple of good days I think I could get caught up, but naps keep sneaking up on me and my boyfriend is on a leave of absence for a month and so I am spending more time with him which means less writing time.  Speaking of writing… let’s talk television.

I grew up in the era of a tv in every room.  Ok it wasn’t to that excess, but the living room had one, a small portable in the kitchen, (why I don’t know but,) a small one in the…

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