No, not the holidays that seem to run together back to back from HalloweenThankGivingChristmas (oh and New Years as well)

Most don’t have to deal with this till later in Life. OPEN ENROLLMENT for Medicare has begun. That is the time between Oct15 to Dec 7th ( I think)

Well I plan to stay with the medical plan I have had all last year…..JUST GET ME A NEW DOCTOR!!!! Took two and a half days to finally get a new doctor set up. They gave me several names all within my city limits (transportation can be an issue for me sometimes). I had to call these doctors to make sure if they took my plan…then wanted to ask question of them about certain issues I have but was told to get my new ID set up and then call back .

Ok, picked the lucky one to be my new doctor….had to call insurance company back…ended up talking with at least 3 different people. DO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE ANSWER the same personal question to ID yourself with each person you talk to.

One of my latest issues is the hearing aids I have…can’t get them professional cleaned until next year in Feb. So hearing the person on the cell was hard enough….yes, I tried the speaker. But even that didn’t work.

Well finally muggled through and now have a new doctor…but can’t even set up an appointment till I get the new card.

So on to the question at hand…yes I figure most would wonder why I want to change doctors. This CV19 (bs) this doc was so condescending towards me. She would belittle me for reasons I gave as to what I wanted or wouldn’t allow to have done to me. She actually screamed at me on a video chat after blood work when I told her I wouldn’t be taking the Prescription meds she insisted I take because my cholesterol # were over the top, They weren’t but maybe 5 points different from normal # of my age.( She didn’t think I knew how to read the results)

This is why I always say…Don’t Allow Doctors (any Medical persons) to use Scare tactics on you. One of my first posts dealt with medical issues I have been through. I was given the expiration of 10 years when I was born, now I will be turning 67 in 2021. I have had two life saving surgeries ( open heart and Ileostomy). I had several other surgeries in my life time. Ear Drum (both ears) and all three kids were born C section.

Have told Doctors many times ….if it has to come out and I can still function, so be it if you have to take it out…(you can live without certain organs!!) But I will NEVER allow anything to be placed INTO me (my body, not mesh, no foreign stuff, etc)

I am also (for myself only, my decision) anti-Vax and won’t take the ongoing Rx med they feel I need. Let’s try another way. I want the options, but my wants and feeling don’t seem to matter.

I have lived this long without taking any Prescriptions (the on going life long ones) so WHY THE HECK SHOULD I NOW!

If I could get away with Never seeing another doctor again, I would. But I understand I need to stay up with my Cholesterol levels . Yes I do have the fat deposits in my veins.

Though I have issues (again in old age) with my heart (again) I still want that control of how and when my medical affects me.

So, has anyone had issues with the doctors in their life?

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