Speak (ing) Your Mind

How do you define “Speaking your Mind” I call it as to saying what you think about something directly.

How to speak my mind?

Be Empathetic
Stay Calm
Don’t Wait
Confront People Who Interrupt
Be Concise

And above all, don’t worry over what others think or rebut on the subject. You can speak your mind without offending others ~ or can you. Being general and not calling out by name.

Are you prone to speaking your mind…before or after you have thought it out? Is is HOW you speak your mind or do you just speak IN your mind and not VERBALIZE it?

This has been something I have had to deal with. Not much for speaking my mind most of my life, but lately have had a few thoughts go public on social media platforms. Then I get the negative and insulting comments. My general comment was I felt those who want to send back the MIB by mail are lazy. It is to much the easy way out. If you complain over the ballots possible getting lost or trashed ….then get up and take it to the county office in person. NOW IF YOU ARE OFFENDED by that, it is on you….

EXAMPLE~ so many have been complaining over the way, how and whatever on the Mail In Ballots (also the Florida Voter Registering Website has crashed and they extended the cutoff by a day) There was the same questioning and demands of knowing that their vote was excepted and counted.

MAIL IN BALLOTES (my thoughts) need to be taken to the county seat in person. This would insure that your ballot is in the place it needs to be….the election office ….and no delays or going through other steps…like your post office and mail service before getting to the office of the Election Board.

Great site for How to Speak your Mind  will elevate your confidence, you will be more resolute in your beliefs, cause people to take note.

A Forbes acritical on how to have an Opinion Without Being ‘Opinionated’ in 7 ways

Found this blog post on how not to make others feel wrong from you speaking your mind

IDEA ~How to communicate authentically without judgment so others will stay open to your thoughts? It may help to use these phrases:

I notice that…
Are you willing to…
I’m curious about…
Here’s how I’m feeling, what are you feeling?
Are you open to hearing my thoughts and feelings around this?
Here’s what I desire for our relationship…what do you want?
Are you willing to listen to my point of view, even if it may not be the same as yours?
I’m feeling disappointed or not okay with….because what’s important to me is…
I think/believe that…what do you think/believe?
What exactly did you mean by…
I just want to understand where you’re coming from, can you say more about…?

Phrases to avoid that come across as criticism and judgment, as they may cause defensiveness and affect other’s ability to be authentic with you:

You should…
You never….
You always…
Why can’t you get that….
What’s wrong with you?
Why or how can you not see that…
I’m so disappointed that you…
How could you…?
I can’t believe you…
You are so…

Another blog post of TINY BUDDHA deals close to home for me. They had a section that started like this….While I lacked the willpower to express my own ideas, I found myself in a state of annoyance and frustration from allowing others to indirectly control my life. Feeling helpless and unaware of who I really was took a toll on my mental well-being. This is still happening to this day……

a few more ways

Being assertive not rude and Speak up anyway. Leaving you with some interesting Speaking Your Mind Quotes

Well just working on this post, I have learned a lot. Now just to put it into play. Do you agree or disagree?

2 thoughts on “Speak (ing) Your Mind

  1. Sheryl's Light

    Hi there! I have been following your blog and I think your posts are really good. I am nominating you for the Liebster Blogger Award. This will enable your blog to reach a wider audience. You can find out the details on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms Debi Post author

      Well thank you very much! Right now have not posted much due to working the election here in Florida. Been doing the Mail In Ballots opening Procedures, next week will be working the Early Voting, then election day at the local precinct. SORRY, can’t post about what is going on in these area due to law over the election cycle…more to come after Nov

      Liked by 1 person


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