My Earliest Memories

WoW, this post brought back loads of memories. Going on 67 years of life for me the second month of 2021 ( if still here and kicking) Earliest memory would be the bee sting on the bottom of my foot with the little sucker being the size of my foot ~ I was 2 yrs old.

Just remember, at that age when a boy hits you He LIKES you, You answering back with revenge, is liking him as well. Mother’s advice back then. As for those saddle shoes…hated them to! BUT I had to have special soles on them due to my pigeon toe walk .

Was the only girl in Junior High that didn’t wear a bra…nothing there to hold up ….so my mom tells me. PE class was a tragic time for me.

What ever happen to the wholesome cartoon shown only one day of the week. Most are just violent and distasteful.

Sheryl's Light

I am going to be sixty-two this coming November. I get to join the 2020 COVID birthdays. Maybe I’ll get a super cool mask as a present…I’m kinda kidding! Depends on the mask. I just had a thought about I wonder if they will put facemasks in a time capsule? Back to turning a year older.

I was going through my emails coming across my young friend Sarah’s blog LifeIsBetterInRed where she blogged about sitting down at the table for meals with your family which brought me back to when I was growing up sparking off memories of my youth; of my earliest memories.

When you grow older certain memories are etched in stone while others fade away like the fog over the mountains burn off as the sun gets hotter. That’s why family photos are so important at least to me. So let’s take a glimpse into my young…

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