365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/21/2020

September 21

We can be taught!
What makes a teacher great?


Yes we can be taught. I’ve had bad ones and the Good ones .

My 4th grade teacher , small and short. Some of the students were actually taller than she was. She gave me the love of books. Every afternoon after lunch, she would read a chapter or two of “Little House” books. The whole year was knowing about Laura Ingalls and her family…we got through the entire series of books

Then in 6th grade, this wonderful women got me out of my shell. I had just had open heart surgery a year earlier. She got me on the stage where the class acted out a short skit for everyone, I played the mom.

7th and 8th grades in Junior (not middle) High School started the love of music, playing the 3rd and 2nd chair in the woodwind section. On to high school, I played in the Marching Band.

High School, nothing there due to moving so much….it was a blur. Now College in my 30 and 40’s….Business classes with MR Davis as the dept. lead He made learning easy by intertwining real life with the classes. Hard to explain. There was also My Accounting teacher. Hated math to begin with, but he was very patient with all of us. Granted most of the students were old enough to be his parent/grandparent!!

So I go with the saying OLD DOGS CAN LEARN new tricks.

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