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WoW how the Television has impacted our world. First set I remember was after mom remarried and there was this big COLOR console in the living room. Had a AM/FM radio on one side and a Record Turntable on the other. Didn’t have any “clicker” remote at this point. Sat down as a family watching shows like “Wonderful World of Disney”, ” Andy Williams”, “Gun Smoke”, and the “Pondarosa” with the Cartwright family. Of course we had the “American Bandstand” and “Dark Shadows”

Only one TV was in the Living / Family Room until I got out on my own at 19 years old.

Had the Cable, CUT the cord almost a year ago and bought the Air Ananta. No network TV, just the old westerns and movies. Spend my time on the free streaming apps and You Tube now a days

Leigha Robbins

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The prompt I am writing for is a week old… OMG, how did I get so far behind!?  Please forgive me.  This new medicine routine I am on is really kicking my but.  Plus I have added pool therapy twice a week I need to make time for.  If I could just have a couple of good days I think I could get caught up, but naps keep sneaking up on me and my boyfriend is on a leave of absence for a month and so I am spending more time with him which means less writing time.  Speaking of writing… let’s talk television.

I grew up in the era of a tv in every room.  Ok it wasn’t to that excess, but the living room had one, a small portable in the kitchen, (why I don’t know but,) a small one in the…

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