365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/19/2020

September 19

Are you being served?
What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve
ever had as a customer


The most WONDERFUL experience I had was last year. Had the opportunity to go visit my son and his family in GERMANY. Never had a Pass Port in my life. Last time I went to another country was over into Tijuana Mexico in the mid 1970’s….just had to show your ID.

My Pass Port only took about 3 weeks to get. I am living where you can do all that (paper work, photo, fingerprints, etc) here in downtown Sarasota. Once I got the Pass Port back in the mail, just had to photo copy back to my son who then got the travel arrangements set up for me.

Flew out of our downtown airport , heading towards Charlotte NC to transfer to the Oversea flight. Once I landed in NC I was given the top notch service of a wheelchair attendant who got me to the right gate in just under 5 min. Yes they were fast, it would have taken me over an hour to walk to the gate (all up hill) or worst yet, could and would have gotten loss.

Once they started checking in for the 9 hour flight, I was given an upgrade (at the time didn’t know what or why ~didn’t ask!) I was told I would be the last to board and taken to my seat with help. Up grade was from the back of the plane to middle at the entry doors (and bathrooms)

I was so excited and tired I slept most of the 9 hours. Woke when the food carts came by (which was almost every 2hrs) Got interested with the TV screen in front of me…You know the outside temps got to -90 (MINUS now) way up there where we were flying over some body of water.

I was thankful the ticket counter girl in Sarasota placed the wheel chair service for me on the whole trip..had one waiting when I got off the plane in Germany. And an added thing was THOSE USING WHEELCHAIRS were the first to get off. We were taken to small transports heading to the customs area. This was when I discovered the plane was NO WHERE NEAR the airport building.

Have heard the horror stories of CUSTOMS but didn’t have any problem there. Got through and with help of the attendant who was still with me, got my one bag (of course was the last to come up the luggage belt.)

Once I got through the official doors into Germany, this is where one of the DREADFUL things happen. I am ALONE in some Foreign country, English speaking only, and my son hadn’t arrive. My Cell phone wasn’t programmed to call him. But was alone for long. Met my new Grand~SON moments later

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