365 Days of Writing Prompts 09/15/2020

September 15
Sorry, I’m busy
Tell us about a time when you should have helped someone… but didn’t.

Ummm could it be that homeless person sitting on the sidewalk on main street. Or that young mother with more kids than she had hands to handle them all.

Yes it sounds harsh, but then when isn’t life harsh sometimes. Been homeless myself, but have NEVER sat on the walk way or bench looking the part, with some small cardboard sign scrawled with a note of help me….

Ever now and then, a blue moon moment I will hand a dollar or two down to the person sitting there. Yes, I many know of him since my own homeless days. You get to know who are the ones who truly need that dollar or two and those who would up and head for a fix, or booze.

The young mother, that was me once. Had three young ones (two still in diapers) having just moved cross country (Calif to SC ~ the nomads life) The father of these three was sent overseas by the military. Thinking it would be best for his young family to be where his mother and siblings were….

What should I have done …..do more research on the homeless situation and not go into it blindly. I learned over the next 20 years just how to NOT LOOK homeless.

As for the young mother, I wish I had more of a backbone and stayed in Calif (with my own family) until the husband came back.

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