DID YOU KNOW just an opinionated piece on VOTING

Your Vote Only Counts if you take time to give the process your FULL ATTENTION! You may or may not agree with me….but this is a LEGAL DOCUMENT. It is given the up most care when handled, has Laws in place to PROTECT it!

While working with the election board here in Sarasota, I have witness the worst form of disrespect. From Coffee stains to scribbles and notes written on the actual ballot itself. Some have even been so crumbled up, the machines can’t handle them and spit the paper ballots out….this causes some undue delays in the process of your vote. Your vote will be counted, it will just take a few more steps.

We only have about a week or so until the  ballots will be mailed beginning Sept 24, 2020 here in Florida. Yes I get the mail in ballot only because I ended up working at another precinct that election. BUT I Didn’t Mail it in, I took it to the Election Office myself. I don’t trust the mail to move with something so important.

Here are the requirements to remember the day of election so you don’t have to go back to your car to get it. You, by law have to have a SIGNATURE and VALID PHOTO. And anyone who tries telling you that you don’t have to have ID or signature when doing the Mail In Ballots is 100% WRONG. Why? Well you have to have a valid up to date SIGNATURE AND PHOTO in the Election Office.

It is up to YOU to make sure you are Registered and have your signature with some photo ID at the Election office. There was one young person who came in to vote last march and couldn’t …He just figured because he turned 18 that it was automatic..IT IS NOT!!! If you move, within the county or state (even out of state) it is your responsibility to inform the election board of the move. Ladies, you usually will change your info on Social Security when you marry (in my case when I divorced and got my maiden name back)…same goes with the Election office. And the Selective Services aren’t automatic gentlemen!!

The following pictures is of my voters card. This isn’t asked or even used as ID. But the second photo has the info you really need to pay attention to if you want (and should ) know who is representing you. The top photo is the info of the precinct I will vote at.

I have been working as a Poll Worker since the 2016 election. I had the positions of Deputy (door person), Inspector (the one who checks you in and gives you your ballot), and the March 2020 I was the assistant Clerk. Last August I was one of the inspectors at my own precinct.

The counties do need the poll workers due to this pandemic due to many of the elderly who make up most of the workers force. Try it once, it can be an eye opener and very educational. Do you live in Florida, check here for the local county office near you!

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